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Beauty Tricks to Make Your Eyes Stand Out


The most important and sought after makeup skill is applying eyeliner. A skillful hand with liquid liner isn’t the only way to make your peepers pop. Simply applying a nude-colored liner to your bottom water line can make your eyes appear brighter. Another simple trick is swapping out your classic black liners for brighter colors. This can add a unique affect to your look, making you stand out from the crowd. In particular, blue liners make the whites of your eyes appear larger and more appealing.

The classic cat eye look intimidates many, but is simple to achieve with a few simple tricks. First, tilt your head back and look down at the mirror. This is your prime position. You’ll be able to see more of your eyelid this way. To create the perfect curve, use the liner to follow the bottom outer lash line. If you find it difficult to draw straight lines use small smudged strokes to trace your way to the perfect cat eye. Nobody is perfect and not everyone can be a makeup guru, so if all else fails Eye Rock Designer Liner makes amazing stick on eyeliners for under a tenner.


Eyelashes may seem like an afterthought since most people do this step last, but they definitely hold some value of their own. Only applying mascara to the upper lashes can make your eyes appear more lifted and open. Applying a translucent powder to thin lashes before applying mascara can bulk them up to make them seem fuller. An important thing to remember about mascara is that there is an expiration date! It is a good idea to replace your mascara about once every three months. Alternatively, consider permanent lashes. They can look very natural – look at this site and you’ll see there are many options available.

Eye Shadow

Eye shadows provide extra color and depth to your eyes. An easy way to add dimension is to apply a dark shade to the crease and outer corner of your eyes. This along with the use of similar colors such as a navy blue and a lighter blue will give you tremendous depth that a single color could never add.

It is important to keep the balance in your face. A dramatic smoky eye is best paired with a softer look on your lips and cheeks. If a softer smoky eye is what you crave, using dark nude and brown shades will provide the subtle hint of sexiness that you desire.

A little hint to making your eye shadow pop is to invest is a good quality eye primer. There’s nothing more important to a look than a strong foundation. Along with bold colors, applying a shimmery champagne eye shadow to the inner corners of your eyes will brighten up your entire face. It’s like magic!

Another important trick is to use eye shadows that will compliment your eye color. To make brown eyes pop, navy blue is the perfect pairing. Fierce green eyes are best paired with subtle shades of purple shadows finished with a bold plum eyeliner. Blue eyes are best paired with peach tones, or even rich coppers and browns. A deep chocolate liner is the best way to finish off those sweet baby blues.


Just like with eye shadows, the start to amazing eyebrows is a primer. After this step, you can begin the real fun. The best way to fill in your brows is to use small soft strokes that mimic the look of real hairs. This prevents your brows from looking outlandish.

While filling in your eyebrows may be scary at first, remember that the thinner your brows are, the older you look, so don’t be afraid to add a bit of thickness. And most importantly, remember that your eyebrows are sisters, not twins. It is completely natural for your eyebrows to look slightly different. No amount of plucking or waxing will make them look identical.

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