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Everything You Need to Know About 1st Communion Gowns  

Getting your precious darling ready for her first Holy Communion event is certainly a great task. Whether it is the ceremonial arrangements or the 1st communion outfit for your girl, parents should spend enough time in planning and making the right choice for this holy celebration. 1st communion gowns don’t have to be overly modest or gaudy. Because this is a religious event, you shouldn’t deviate from the theme and dress your girl with something inappropriate for this holy function. With many trendy and stylish choices of girls 1st communion gowns, you can now find the right girl’s dress for this occasion. Here is a list of things that you need to know before selecting 1st communion gowns.

It should be white:

No matter what theme you choose for your girl’s first communion party, her dress should always be white. The reason of Holy Communion celebration is to introduce your girl to Jesus and prepare her to receive his blessings in a beautiful and intimate way. Therefore, a girl is always dressed in white because it signifies purity and chasteness of her soul. Even though you find that lilac party gown very fascinating, it may not be the right choice for this occasion.

Modesty and elegant:

On this holy occasion, you would never want your little girl to be in some flashy and bold outfit. Considering the spirit of this holy event and the ceremonial rituals, keep the outfit trendy yet demure. After all, your girl’s dress will represent and reflect your family’s religious spirit. Choose a dress that is at least knee length. If you are going with the decision of the parish, then don’t deviate from the pattern and length suggested by them.

Check for various styles:

First communion dresses come in a variety of styles: high-low pattern, vintage cap-sleeve, classic bell, and overlay tulle. Spend some time to explore all types and find the one that fits your girl and suits her choice. After all, your girl should feel confident, comfortable and stylish in the gown you choose for her first Holy Communion.

Pick the right fabric:

Whether to choose satin, silk or cotton is up to you. First communion dresses are available in every fine fabric and style choices ranging from soft-bodice lacey tulle dress to those classic satin and rhinestone gowns featuring an embellished bodice. Always pick a fabric based on the weather, your girl’s comfort and your personal choice.

Go with the trend:

You would never want your little princess to look out of trend. Check for the latest trends and choose the best designs so that your girl looks glamorous and gorgeous in her holy wear. Princess Ball gowns, tulle dresses and classic silk dresses are favorite choices. Even those vintage-inspired bell-sleeved dresses with intricate lace and beadworks are appropriate choices for communion events.

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