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Gender reassignment surgery

According to a survey, there is more or less 0.5 to 0.6 percent of transgender only in America. That is about 1.5 million population only of America is transgender. People with have no gender from the time of their birth are considered transgender. So after a long period of studies, surgery was developed for such people to give them a specific gender either male or female. This surgery is termed as gender reassignment surgery. Also known as sex reassignment surgery. In this, there physical as well as gender traits are altered through which they are assigned a specific gender.

Types of surgeries

Basically, gender reassignment surgery is categorized into two types

  1. Feminization Surgery

In this type of surgery, the transgendered are gendered as female. In simple words, the result of this surgery will provide no gender people a female gender

  1. Masculinization Surgery

As clear from the name this surgery is for such transgender people who choose male gender to live the remaining part of their life with.

These surgeries further include other surgeries like so facial surgeries, chest surgery, and vocal surgeries, etc. so that they can have both genders as well as physical traits of that specific gender too. After this surgery, the patients need to have a lifetime therapy for the change of their hormones.

Standards of care for the health

Many standards of care are also established by many professional medical centers for the transgender who want to go for gender reassignment surgery. SOC is the short term used for “Standard of care”. Many of the surgeons and clinician’s decisions regarding the patients who want to go for gender reassignment surgery have also appreciated these standards.

In many countries, people can be treated with this surgery. But the costs are very high. So due to the affordability of the surgery and high care conditions people prefer to go to Thailand for this surgery. Also the surgeons and doctors over there are very professional and experienced.

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