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How Do You Wash And Iron Stamped T Shirts

Regardless of the technique used and the type of tissue, the same care must always be taken:

  • Turn the T shirt [เสื้อ ยืด which is the term in Thai] (inside out) before putting it in the washing machine
  • Wash in cold water or maximum at 30ºC
  • Always iron with the garment inside out (inside out) and at low temperature or by using a cloth between the iron and the shirt to reduce the amount of direct heat
  • Do not use dryer
  • If possible, wash them by hand without rubbing the patterned areas

Why avoid the heat, and it is recommended to turn your clothes around?

All printing techniques (with the exception of embroidery), use heat to fix the inks or vinyls to the fabric so that in the same way you can release or make them lose quality if high temperatures are used during washing or ironing.

The fact of turning it around when you put them in the washing machine also helps to protect the machine from deterioration due to scratches and friction.

Other External Factors That Influence In The Deterioration Of The Garments

Any product that has used has wear, so it is normal that over time it will lose quality, not only of the print but also of the Thai pattern T-Shirt [เสื้อ ลาย ไทย which is the term in Thai] itself, as well as with the wheels of the cars or batteries of the mobile:

Direct Exposure To The Sun: Spending many hours in the sun will eat the color.

Sweat: In each person, it is different, and while in some cases, it may not be hardly affected; in other cases, it can deteriorate the garment with few uses.

Friction: Sometimes, because of the work performed, if, for example, we transport packages supporting them on the garment, friction will continuously be produced causing wear.

Liquid Splashes: Depending on the work performed, splashes such as hot oil (fryers), chemicals, etc., can seriously.

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