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How to Avoid Conflicts with Your Bridal Party?

When you chose your bridal party, you expect things to go smoothly as these are your friends who understand you. Well, most of your bridesmaids may get along really well with the wedding planning process but if there are a few who are being a spoilt diva, do not get surprised as this is quite normal in every wedding. To help you avoid such conflicts, we have listed down few tips with the help of experienced wedding plannerswhich every bride needs to follow;

Choose Your Bridal Party Carefully:

You will be asking your closest friends and family to become your bridesmaids but do not forget they need to blend along too as they will be spending a lot of time together. If you feel that a few girls are not comfortable with others, it is better to omit these girls rather than trying to resolve conflicts at every stage of your wedding planning. When you start selecting your bridesmaids, start with the girl who is the closest to you and then make a list of girls who get along with her and each other. Do not worry about hurting the feelings of the girls who are left out as it is your wedding and they will understand that it is your choice. Also, you do not need extra stress when already wedding planning can get stressful.

Throw a Party to Break the Ice:

It is always possible that you choose your close friends to be your bridesmaids, but they really do not know each other very well. A great way to introduce them to each other is throwing a party where the girls can get comfortable, mingle with each other and have fun together.

Set Expectations:

Make the bridesmaids aware of what you expect from them the very first day. Make them understand how important their opinion is to you but how your decision is final. Make it clear that they are a big part of your wedding but ultimately it is your big day, so they need to have a clear perspective about it.

Delegate Work:

As a bride, you need to allocate different duties to different bridesmaids as per their comfort zone and strengths. This will take off the tension of everyone agreeing upon every decision and, hence avoiding conflicts.

Do Not Force Your Bridal Party to Over-Spend on the Bridesmaid Dresses

You might vision a certain look for your bridesmaid but that should not become a financial burden to them. You can look for online bridesmaid dress sales on websites such as Azazie.com where you can buy cheap Bridesmaid dresses under $200. Further, if you are keen on accessorizing the dress, you can gift them the accessory instead of expecting them to pay extra for it.

Choose a Dress Considering the Bridesmaids Body Types.

Do not get stuck upon a specific style if your bridesmaids are not comfortable wearing it, especially if you have bridesmaids in all sizes. You can shortlist the styles you like and let them choose a style from those shortlisted styles that go the best with their body type. Also, try not to get them to purchase an over the top dress which cannot be reused. Consider an attire which they might feel like wearing again.

We are sure that if you follow these tips, you can avoid a majority of the conflicts but still if you find yourself in one or two conflicts, try your best to just resolve it quickly by not over thinking about it and encourage your bridal party to do the same.

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