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How to unclog pores? Korean Skincare for Sebum control and shrink pores

Causes of clogged pores

Dead skin cells mixed with sebum (skin oil) pile up in skin cells and clog the pore opening. When this buildup gets oxidized with oxygen it turns into a blackhead. If it does not get oxidize it turns, it remains in the pore as a whitehead.

If you will be able to control the sebum production in the skin, you can prevent whiteheads, blackheads, and acne breakouts. To control sebum, you need to understand some treatments and agents that can balance the sebum and pH of your facial skin.

Korean skincare is getting popular day by day due to its radiant and flawless skin. A Korean brand TIA’M has launched its product line, especially for oily skin to control excess oil production and sebum control. Oily skin is not a curse. It is the best skin type if you balance the quantity of sebum and moisture level. If the pH of the face gets balanced then no pores get clogged. You can avoid whiteheads and blackheads permanently. 

How to Unclog & Shrink Large Pores? 

TIA’M – My Little Pore No Sebum Cream Review

This is a gel-based cream that is made of berry extracts, that nourishes skin cells. Silica present in this cream absorbs excess oil from skin cells. Betaine and zinc oxide balance the moisture level into the skin cells. 

Take a small amount of cream and apply all over the face. You can use it only for nose, forehead, or chin where you feel excess oil. It controls sebum production and gives your skin a flawless texture. 

TIA’M – Vita B5 Toner Review

Vitamin B 5 Pantothenic acid balances the pH of the skin. It is the best toner to avoid acne breakouts for oily skin. Because it is fragrance-free, alcohol-free, and oil-free. It is formulated with peptides and Betaine balance the sebum and moisture level into the skin. Hydrolyzed collagen boost skin elasticity and helps you get rid of dark spots or acne scars as well.

TIA’M – Blackhead Perfect Clean Ball Review

If you have blackheads and whites on your nose, chin, and forehead due to oily skin then these clean balls can remove them without squeezing or extracting with a metallic pin. These are soaked in chemical peels and remove black and whiteheads smoothly without irritation and discomfort. Cocoon present in this serum absorbs in the skin and removes blackheads, white head, and dead skin cells. Macadamia Ternifolia Seed oil control the sebum production, sunflower oil moisturize the skin pores and tea tree leaf water cleanses the skin pores.

TIA’M – My Little Pore Fix Source Review

To shrink large looking pores this serum is perfect. It is made with natural ingredients like tannin (chestnut shell extract) that is an excellent pore tightening agent, shrinks the pore size. It also controls sebum production. Sesaflash improves skin texture, Centella Asiatica and Conulbumin reduces wrinkles and fine lines and improves skin elasticity. Use it after toner and apply a double layer where you find large pores on nose, chin, and around cheeks.  

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