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Possible Risks Of Breast Augmentation

Surgeries are generally always associated with risks. Before a procedure is carried out, a thorough medical history takes place by the appropriate specialist. Regardless of which procedure is to be implemented, patients are informed in advance about risks during and after the operation. The previous anamnesis already provides the physician with the basis for assessing the risk potential of a patient.

Intraoperative Risks

During Breast surgery in “Khorat” [ทำหน้าอก โคราช which is the term in Thai], injuries that affect the ducts, nerves, and pectoralis muscle may occur.

Injury Of The Mammary Glands/Milk Ducts

The risk of injury to the mammary glands is extremely low in an under-breast crease or axillary incision. An increased risk arises only with the nipple cut as an entranceway for implants. The closer the cut is generally placed to the mammary gland tissue, the risk of injury with a potential consequence of lactation may increase.

 If child planning is not yet complete, the plastic surgeon will suggest another approach to breast augmentation with implants.

Risk Of Sensitivity Disorder – Nerve Injury

As with any cut, tiny nerve fibers are cut, which regenerate after a relatively short period. Depending on access, more or less severe sensory disturbances can be expected, which usually regress. The risk of injury to central nerve tracts, however, is extremely low.

Injury Of The Pectoral Muscle

The subpectoral positioning of the implant prepares the pectoral muscle so that the breast tissue can be affected. The occurring pain, which resembles a stronger sore muscle, can last up to three weeks.

Postoperative Risks

Immediately after breast augmentation with implants, there may be the usual postoperative complications, which are usually mitigated by the addition of painkillers or antibiotics or are not apparent at all.


Most often (about 3% of cases), after Breast enlargement surgery in “Khorat” [เสริม หน้าอก โคราช which is the term in Thai], as with all other surgeries, minor bleeding occurs. Also, bruising is not uncommon. However, with appropriate drainage immediately after surgery, bruising is prevented, or its development diminished.

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