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Proven Ways To Give A Meaningful Gift

Do not spend too much; delivering a good gift is much simpler than you think. In this article, we have a list that will come as a ring to your finger. These are things that science has discovered so that our gifts are significant, be it a birthday gift, Christmas, or a wedding gift:

Know The Person

This is the starting point for everything else. Therefore, someone who gives meaningful gifts does not usually buy the same gift ever, even if they are people who would individually appreciate the present (ของรับไหว้, which is the term in Thai) and who would never find out what the other received from each other.

Give Experiences, Not Objects

Having things we like can excite us, but there’s no way to have a good experience. A concert, a walk, play, picnic or zoo can have more impact on the happiness of those who receive a gift. According to research by the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, people feel more connected to those who give them the experiential gift, versus those who receive a material object.

Give A Donation

It may surprise us a bit, but receiving an “indirect donation” in the name of the gift, in favor of a charity, will cause joy in the recipient. After all, you will receive more gifts from other places, and you will not be left empty-handed, be it Christmas or your birthday. Donating is linked to happiness, and this research from the Harvard Business School suggests that it is a virtuous cycle, where happier people give more to charity, and giving more makes them happier.

Do Not Buy Something More Expensive Or Sophisticated

We tend to believe that the more we spend or, the more beautiful the gift, the smile of our gift will be wider. Well, no. Surprisingly, people are much more practical than we think and their joy in opening a package is usually not associated with its cost.

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