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Skin Ranking Study- Glowing Skin Becomes One Of The Most Important Than Facial Symmetry

The whiteness of one’s skin in many countries is an “upper class” thing. Many cultures even associate skin whiteness to being smarter, richer compared to the people with lighter skin. In a society where dark skin a less desirable quality trying to pass on the fair scale can almost be considered traitorous.

Perfect skin for a perfect life is the stigma that’s quite prevalent in all of Asia. The mindset has been passed down as a precious ideology for years. Stigma is so big that it has spawned a multi-dollar business industry. Ranging from cosmetic creams, chemical peels, laser treatments, steroids. It is the most dangerous cultural obsession. But the point is not white skin; it has to be glowing skin.

Changing attitudes and positive awareness.

The campaigns standing up to this stigma are not just fighting bad consumer habits but also the millennia-old preferences. The solution lies in raising a less hardcore approach to this. Healthy radiant skin is no doubt a confidence booster.

The difference between skin lightening and skin whitening

The confusion around the products and ingredients that claim to lighten or brighten the skin is no small issue. Lightning is reducing the pigmentation of the skin while brightening is to increase the radiance and glow of the skin. Vitamin C Retinol, alpha, and beta hydroxy acids are some of the tools that should help you naturally tackle the dwindle on that face.

Are there any genuine products or methods to achieve skin radiance?

There are brands out there that provide excellent organic products to people’s conscience to make a change about their appearance. Products such as these Jao Nang Noy Super Fine Powder [แป้ง เจ้า นาง, which is the name in Thai] helps your skin look better, and at the same protects it from pollution and early senescence.

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