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The History of Wood Wood

Based in Denmark, Wood Wood is a popular lifestyle and fashion brand that has stores in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Berlin. The company was founded in 2002 and also boasts an online store that sells a wide range of items. The company is owned by Brian SS Jensen and Karl-Oscar Olsen, both of which are also the founders.

With an impressive customer base, the company carries various brands, including Adidas, Asics, Hysteria and Nike. It offers customers the ability to shop for high quality clothing, footwear and accessories, adding style and sophistication to their lifestyle. You can conveniently shop online, or choose to visit one of their physical shops to experience their wide variety of popular branded items.

Although Wood Wood doesn’t have the rich history that competitive brands do, they make up for in style and sophistication. Their flexibility when it comes to being stylish is part of what drives their brand, and their pieces have been featured in many fashion shows, including the popular Copenhagen Fashion Week.

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Early Beginnings

Both founders of Wood Wood grew up in the early 90s where style and culture were prominent. It was a time of streetwear and high fashion, paving the way for a unique culture and a great balance between functionality and style. This lifestyle brand had its very early beginnings in this time, combining a strong sports component, looking beyond just fashion alone.

Co-founder and Creative Director Karl-Oskar Olsen believes that the brand is all about style and attitude. They constantly evolve and take the brand further by utilizing various style elements and adding their own aesthetic. The brand combines fashion and sophistication and shows that it is firmly rooted in its urban beginnings.

The company was founded with the aim of providing timeless styles and a lifestyle label that will appeal to various generations. The company currently sells sneakers,hoodies, collector toys, clothing, skateboards, accessories, and more.

A Global Mindset

The company has achieved a variety of partnerships throughout the years and this includes no less than 50 collaborations with popular brands throughout the globe; brands include LEGO, Nike, Adidas and Eastpak, as well as artists like Peter Sutherland. The company’s head office in Denmark is the perfect representation of their unique brand culture.

The company has evolved throughout the years, always aiming to find the perfect balance between functionality and style. This has led to the addition of various well-known brands, as well as clothing pieces for the young and stylishly minded.


With a sophisticated online store, as well as outlets in Copenhagen, Berlin and Aarhus, WoodWood is setting the patch to global success. Their mindset has allowed their brand to be very successful, and they have proven to bridge the gap between functionality and style.

Clients can expect to see much more from Wood Wood in future, and we can all look forward to see what the next 10 years will bring for this trendsetting brand.

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