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Understanding The Significance Of Saat Pheras In Hindu Weddings!

Marriage is the most important life step for most of us in our adulthood; we enter into a new phase of life. Committing to your partner in all circumstances, good or bad, obviously in India requires vows,and when it comes to India, it is accompaniedby a set of rituals.

Marriage is the biggest Hindu ritual for companionship in India, which includes various other small and big rituals, one being the “Saat Pheras.” It is the most significant step that is carried out by couples in witness of their invitees. Marriage in India is considered incomplete without the “Saat Pheras.”

Let’s understand the importance of each “Phera,” and know why “Saat Pheras” are extremely prevalent among the Indian, Hindu community:

First Phera

In the first round or phera, the couple appeals to God for a lot of supporting and unadulterated sustenance. They appeal to God to give them a chance to walk together so they will get sustenance as in food and nourishment for each other during their entire life.

Second Phera

In the second round, the couple implores God for a sound and prosperous life. They request the physical, profound and psychological wellness from God.

Third Phera

In the third round, the couple appeals to God for riches. They approach God for the being well strengthened with the goal that they can share the bliss and torment together. Likewise, they ask with the goal that they can walk together to get wealth to sustain their life happily.

Fourth Phera

In the fourth round, the couple goes to God for the expansion in affection and regard for each other and their families. The family is an important entity when it comes to marriage, both the brides have to make to make sure that they take well care and give respect to each other’s families.

Fifth Phera

In the fifth round, the brides appeal to God for lovely, gallant and honorable children from their relationship. Children are an important part of marriage as they are the one who would be taking forward the name of the family in the future.

Sixth Phera

To carry on with an existence that is honest and respectable, the couple petitions the omnipotent to give them a healthy and infection free life. They appeal to God for the healthy living so they can satisfy their duties towards their family, each other and their youngsters.

Seventh Phera

In the last seventh round, the couple implores God for fellowship, harmony, dependability,and comprehension between themselves. They request to God to make them companions and give them strength to do the fellowship for alifetime.

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