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Yankee Swap Gift Ideas

With the holidays right around the corner, it’s time to prepare for the annual yankee swap, whether it be at work or for the family. With the number of nifty gadgets and gifts you can present to your friends and family, it can be challenging to decide which ones to buy. Nevertheless, here are a few yankee swap gift ideas that you can take advantage of.

Travel Coffee Mug

Travel mugs are in, well, they’ve never been out. Especially if you’re doing a yankee swap at work, a travel coffee mug is a great, practical gift idea that anyone will enjoy. Not to mention, most travel mugs cost $20 or less and you can order one directly from Amazon.com. So, if you have any friends in your yankee swap that are coffee addicts, buying a travel coffee mug is highly recommended.

Gift Card

What’s better than not having to put in effort while buying gifts during the holidays? Ordering a gift card for the annual yankee swap is easy to do and relatively inexpensive. Plus, this way no one needs to compete over a specific gift when they have cash for a select store of your choosing. Getting a gift card for your yankee swap is both practical and enjoyable for everyone in your group.

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Custom Christmas Ornament

Now, we don’t usually suggest presenting a Christmas ornament for the holidays because they often seem tacky. However, we do recommend getting custom one so whoever gets the gift can remember it, such as the current year or a little message engraved on it. Custom Christmas ornaments usually cost $10 to $15, so they’re fairly inexpensive. Plus, it’s one less ornament someone needs to spend on their tree this year. For more information about custom ornaments, check out the original site.


If you’re looking for an incredibly easy gift to give at your yankee swap, a candle is the best choice for you. Luckily, most card stores sell them plentifully, and they usually cost $20 or less. Plus, Christmas-scented candles make for a great smelling home around the holidays, especially to mask the ever-growing pile of trash.


There’s nothing better to combat the cold, bitter winter weather than a warm, comfortable scarf. If you’re looking to gift one for your next yankee swap, most scarfs cost around five dollars, so you don’t have to spend a lot at all. So, do your family and friends a favor this year and give the gift of warmth this year.

It can be quite hard deciding what to buy for your yankee swap. After all, you don’t want to spend a lot, but you also don’t want to buy a lame gift for your friends or family members. Hopefully, with the help of our recommendations above, you can choose a better yankee swap gift this December. If you have any other gift suggestions or enjoy the recommendations we offered, feel free to comment below! Good luck with your shopping and happy holidays!

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