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A Guy’s Guide to Choosing Lingerie

If you are considering buying your girlfriend lingerie for Christmas or any other occasion this post if for you. Thinking about gifting lingerie and all of the things that could go wrong will no doubt be playing on your mind, but do not worry; today we are going to be providing you with some top tips to keep you out of trouble. Keep on reading at your peril…

Top Five Rules


  1. Determine your girlfriend’s lingerie sizes. This might sound obvious to you but you would be surprised at how many men go out and pick up lingerie items simply because they look the ‘right’ size. Buying your girlfriend lingerie that doesn’t fit won’t wind up well, not only will they be unable to wear the lingerie that you gift, but they also may feel angered that you didn’t know their size or that you thought that they were/bigger/smaller than they actually are. Take a sneaky look through your partner’s underwear drawer, or if you don’t have access ask their best friend for a helping hand.
  2. Use an online lingerie shop. Simply being in a lingerie shop is enough to get some get hot and flustered leaving them rushing and making the wrong decisions. Luckily for all there is now a plethora of online lingerie stores for people to browse through, enabling men to take their time and not feel pressured into making any hasty decisions.
  3. Don’t be colour blind. Take notice of underwear that you have previously seen your girlfriend – The underwear she already owns in probably already in colours that she likes and feels comfortable wearing. If you have never seen your girlfriend wearing leopard print – Don’t go out and buy her leopard print lingerie set.
  4. Things, briefs, shorts? Similarly to colour you don’t want to buy your partner a style of knickers that she doesn’t feel comfortable wearing, this will leave her feeling unsexy and uncomfortable. If you girlfriend usually wear French knickers for example you should look for Erotic knickers of a similar style with a little something extra. If you have seen her wearing all sorts of crazy underwear your job will be made a little bit easier as you will get free reign providing you choose the right colours and size.
  5. If in doubt, buy a set. If it is the first time that you will be gifting your partner lingerie a sexy bra and knicker set is always a safe bet. One survey found that 70% of women love to be bough bra and knicker sets as it stops them from having to find other lingerie items to match.

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