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Can human rights lawyers use crowdfunding?

There are so many acts and laws in the legal system that safeguard our basic human rights. Yet, the number of violations against human rights we see everyday, are beyond belief. Though you may not be a violator of human rights, you can still be a championer of it in a crowdfunding India. Most of you may have come across an initiative or cause, or human rights issue that is close to your heart and matters to you, But you probably brushed it off because you don’t know how to go about it, and more so, how to fund it. If you have an idea about how you can change the world or impact someone’s life in a positive way, we urge you to use a crowdfunding India platforms to fuel your dreams. Read on to find out how you can fight for human rights issues.

Whether you want to raise funds to provide relief to refugees, or fight for fair employment rights – crowdfunding your humanitarian project will help you mobilize funds easily.

Fund your project

Every human rights project needs some financial backing to run effectively, whether it’s a campaign, a case, a human rights film, or a nonprofit. You can start an online fundraiser with Impact guru to appeal to people to become part of your initiative by making a small contribution towards it.

Find like-minded people

There are many people like you, who want to see a positive change in the world. Bring them on-board your journey to humanitarian impact, not only through financial contributions, but also volunteership. With crowdfunding, you’re able to reach out to millions of people, and you can find people to collaborate with and join in your mission to create impact.

Spread awareness

Everyone should hear about the good work you are doing for humanity. When you share your campaign on various social media channels to convey your message, you’re effectively creating a platform to raise awareness about the cause.

Here are a few ideas for human rights initiatives that can be crowdfunded for on Impact Guru:

  1. Abolishing child labour
  2. Providing relief in conflict zones
  3. Fighting for women’s rights
  4. Funding refugee camps in conflict areas
  5. Fighting for fair employment rights
  6. Fighting against domestic violence and harassment
  7. Fighting legal cases of human rights violation
  8. Financial assistance for the education of human rights students/ lawyers

If these, or any other related causes are close to your heart, you can fight for what you believe in without worrying about the financial aspect. Start a crowdfunding India campaign on Impact Guru, and be a championer of human rights.

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