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Drape Allure : A Fashionable Brand Of The Youth

Drape Allure is a fashionable brand of the youth. Utilizing four mentalities; capability, competence, charisma, and craftsmanship. We will display these mentalities within our collections, providing a young brand but in no definite way. Under the new vision of creative director Isaiah Reed, refining twenty-first-century luxury fashion and leading us to join the prestigious Kering Group. Blending the now with later, changing our mentalities each year to constantly influence, create, and advance.

Noteworthy for our bags, totes and duffel’s using a 100% polyurethane (Pu) leather. A composite material made of one or more layers of Pu and a woven or non-woven textile backing such as bi-cast or ground leather. This leather is very common and are used by designer brands of today such as Marc Jacobs, Fossil, and Tommy Hilfiger. We use our 100% polyurethane to provide quality leather that is more animal friendly, easy to care for, and exceptional durability.

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Leo Martinez: Leo is a street style blogger capturing and commenting on the latest fashion trends from around the world. His vibrant photography and keen fashion sense have garnered a strong following.