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Easy methods for the Marble Manicure

Thisone, with the practice you learn and I think now I got a little better since it is the third time I do it. It is a technique that requires practice and patience, we have seen some incredible so there are very nice things that can be achieved.Before starting we give you some tips to take into account:The water must be at room temperature and if it is filtered it works better.They ask me a lot what brand to use and the answer is: There is not a specific brand that serves for this; you have to try several brands. If it is already a bit it will not work, the more liquid the better. Try several; there really is no way to know which ones work until you try them. When you drop the drop in the water, make sure it expands easily, if so, it will probably work well at www.msmee.com.

Bring the brush to the water as much as possible, if you throw the drop from afar it is likely to go to the bottom and not serve.Be quick and see Water Marble Manicure easily, have the bottles uncovered next to the container with water so you can go quickly, throw a drop in the center of the other, if a drop does not expand, the next you throw it may help “push “To the other, if that does not happen and neither of them expanded enough, change the varnish.

And most importantly: be patient, you may not get out the first (or second or third!) But you have to be patient and practice. The plus to learn this technique is that we can create mosaics of mirrors or apply on details a mirror is an ideal base for many ingenious nail designs and for an endless number of uses, this type of techniques generates our database necessary for be more creative every day. We can make mirrorsVerdict, I prefer to use my holographic glazes for the quickness in the application (and not having to struggle with the removal of a gel enamel) and the consistency of the effect.

On the other hand, if you are not lucky enough to be able to get holographic enamels, dust is a good alternative that can be brought without any customs problems, so a point in favor on that side. We love the effect, it’s amazing, and at once you start to notice the brightness. Now with a fan brush we clean the remaining pigment from the surface of the nails. Now comes the important part, and that is to keep the shine is not worth any top coat, it has to be a special one, because with a top coat or normal gloss glaze will leave our mirror effect spoiled and ruin it. we am wearing the top coat base to the water that I have brought to the shop so that you can try the mirror effect nails without using gel, this way we can take them on some special occasion, because we personally do not like it for every day

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