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How Instagram is the new favourite preowned online clothing store for fashionistas?

The growth of the internet has revolutionised the fashion industry and changed it for the better. By allowing different groups of people to connect with each other, despite their location, the internet has helped make the community grow and yet become more niche.

Instagram – a social media site is now being relied and used upon as an online clothing store by fashion people across the globe.

Out of the 600 million active profiles, most Instagram users are aged between 18-29, making it the perfect platform for buying and selling preowned clothes. Preowned clothes make a lot of sense to Millennials due to a lot of reasons – out of which affordability and variety top the list.

With Instagram being one of the most favourite social media apps, here’s why its popularity is soaring further and further for fashionistas.

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  1. Network and reach that helps you connect with people from across geographies

Instagram has a lot of users from across the globe. Contrary to popular belief, 80% of Instagram users live outside of the USA. This helps online aficionados sell their produce, in this case, clothes to a wide variety of audiences, who may or may not have the same fashion available in their country.

  1. Hashtags that help you streamline your search

Hashtags are to Instagram what long-tail keywords are to websites – a tool that helps bring traffic to entity which is more likely to convert. Instagram is the new online fashion store as people can search very specific products using an array of hashtags.

  1. Celebrity charm

Though Twitter comes close, Instagram steals the cake when it comes to celebrity charm and products that can be associated with them. Take for example Kylie Jenner – she shared a post on Instagram saying that she wore clothes for women from an online shopping store that has retail outlets too, which was not a well-known and people followed suit. Instagram gives sellers the power to be associated with celebrity and market products in a smart way, irrespective of whether the name of the brand is big or small.

  1. Photographs that dazzle

Thanks to smartphones and Instagram filters, clicking good pictures that make the product look good are an easy feat. For an online fashion store – great pictures ensure that a lead gets converted into a sale, or at least increase the probability of it. Instagram therefore is loved by users who wish to sell their closets through the platform.

  1. Reviews that are the rage

Word of the mouth is still the most trusted form of marketing that marketers and consumers turn too. In fact the hyper-connected generation would turn to a social media platform rather than an advertisement to make their judgement. Instagram wins here too as sellers get a lot of positive feedback from their audience which increases their sales and makes the platform the ideal online fashion store to sell from.

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Leo Martinez: Leo is a street style blogger capturing and commenting on the latest fashion trends from around the world. His vibrant photography and keen fashion sense have garnered a strong following.