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How to Apply Brush on Different Types of Faces?

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To discuss how you must be applying flush to most elegantly flatter your face shape, we tapped expert makeup artist for her professional tips. Let’s see how to obtain your Blush on [บลัชออน, which is the term in Thai] depending on the shape of your face.

  • The Best Way to Use Blush for Oval Deals With

An oval face can get away with anything. A semicircle from the internal eyebrow line to the cheek avoids the usual blunder of placing flush under your cheekbones, which is where your contouring ought to be. To assist in fixing this, try making use of a flush stick. The stick type will aid in controlling where you position the item, and then you can mix it out with your fingers. Think light flush, not full-on windburn!

  • The Best Means to Use Blush for Square Faces

For a square face, stick to the timeless flush application of circles on the apples of your cheeks, which will soften an angular face. Concentrate on the apples and mix outwards for a soft look. Beware not as well mix too far out flat, as this will widen the face. We suggest a pigmented liquid formula due to the fact that it’s buildable, as well as soft.

  • The Effective Method to Apply Blusher for Long Faces

With a long face, there’s more room for blush, so start under the pupils and mix to the middle of the cheeks. Make it a little bit thicker, more of a small straight line or semi-circle. You can also go full-scale, as well as utilize a bronzer, highlighter, as well as flush combination product to make your look incredibly smooth.

  • The Best Method to Apply Blusher for Round Faces

Using a round circle on the apples of your cheeks will make your face show up even rounder, so instead use blush, slightly lower down, as well as in the direction of the outside in a draping movement.

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