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How to Maintain the Health of Your Eyelashes

Majority of women nowadays are not satisfied with the way their natural eyelashes look. The time women spend on making themselves look beautiful cannot be quantified as they curl, rub, pluck, and pull their eyelashes. This is why they try their hands at different options, working to enhance the appearance of those eyelashes. Despite this attention, however, the eyelashes will be exposed to environmental pollution, irritants, and smoke. All these exposure leads to fewer and thinner eyelashes.

Eyelashes develop soon after conception, relatively between seven to eight weeks of an embryo. This is also the length of time it takes for one eyelash to grow if one gets plucked or falls out. Eyelashes, just like eyebrows are designed to ensure the protection of the eyes from dirt or debris. Your eyelashes are so sensitive that they issue a warning if anything touches them, indicating that something potentially harmful to the eyes is nearby. That explains the instinctive reaction of closing your eyes immediately something touches your eyelashes. Now, aside from protecting the eyes, eyelashes are now viewed as beauty accessories which need to be enhanced from time to time.

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Almost every human is blessed with eyelashes, but women pay more attention to them than men. Women are always concerned with how long, thick or curvy their eyelashes are. Men do not care about their eyelashes unless they have an eyelash disorder or a source of pain. Eyelash diseases or disorders are increasingly rare but are usually caused by inflammation, cosmetics, irritation, toxins, mites, drugs or system disorders.

Despite the fact that eyelashes are small in appearance and size, it takes a tremendous amount of time to clean or condition them. But the only way to beautify your face and eyes thereby draw attention to them is to accentuate your eyelashes. Although the size and thickness are determined by genetics, over the years, beauty and cosmetic companies have sprouted up, creating products that enhance the appearance of eyelashes.

Eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow, and eye putty are just a few essential cosmetic products used by women on a regular basis to enhance their beauty. You can also employ eyelash extensions to increase the length and thickness of your eyelashes. Although false eyelashes have been in use for some time, it can only beautify your face for a short time. Permanent eyelash transplant and extensions are becoming more popular by the day.

Your eyelashes are regularly exposed to an external environment; therefore, proper measures need to be taken to maintain them. Take steps to protect your eyelashes from over-drying, overheating, environmental stress, and free radicals by eating good food that provides the needed nutrients to minimize breakage and nourish the hair follicles. Vitamin E is an essential nutrient that nourishes and replenishes the hair and skin and is employed in various treatments that have to do with enhancing the strength of eyelashes.

You should also make use of conditioners and primers together with your makeup program. Do not use lash primers that have fumes, fragrances or dyes which can irritate your eyes. Use eyelash products with healing agents or anti-inflammatory that strengthens and soothe your eyelashes.

If you need to enrich the lushness of your eyelashes, you should only use the services of certified and fully qualified lash technicians that specialize in high-quality individual eyelash extensions, eyebrow treatments, and 4D-6D Russian volume lashes. VolumEyez Lashes have certified and qualified technicians that can give you the best services you desire. For more information, visit http://www.volumeyezlashes.com.

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