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Popular T Shirts & Pants for Him in UAE

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A T-shirt worn as an undergarment should be trendy and comfortably snug to your body for a handsome look. This fashion holds a standalone piece and gives a natural look and form to the body. 

Tucking in your T-shirt is a personal preference and is rocked by men of all ages. Every culture and country holds its fashionista likewise Egyptians mostly prefer a crew neck. V-neck-shaped shirts with jeans and sweatpants make the look more adorable and stunning for casual wear. The combination of T-shirts and pants collection took on new forms to make it suitable for new occasions. 

This fashion evolves into to new fashion statement for men. Some of the top trending T-shirt designs include Henley neck, polos, scoop neck, raglan sleeves, long sleeves shirt, slim fit, and curved hem.

UAE is always considered as a top ranking in fashion and styles, with the seasons their clothing designs may vary. For winter wear they layer a T-shirt with a French terry sweatshirt. This is because the breeze in the air wants them to layer up their shirts with new styles. Some of the popular and trending men’s wear are as follows.

1-Graphic-Print T-Shirt 

A graphic t-shirt is a long-line t-shirt, that gained popularity into modern wear. It is designed for a relaxed fit and is composed of slightly, stretchy and lightweight fabric. It is fabricated with 100% cotton. This shirt has a crew neck for you with a long hemline. It stretches slightly above the knees and rests on the lower thighs. 

For style, you must wear this long-line graphic T-shirt with baggy jeans. It can add a more classical look with baseball caps and sneakers. this can be a comfortable t-shirt to wear around the house. This versatile piece can do it all, from workout clothes to pyjamas. You can stay cool on those warm days or keep cosy at night when you are exploring for fun. Be sure to look out for a long-line graphic t-shirt from Ounass cashback.

2-Crew Neck T-shirt

You can style this crew neck t-shirt for your occasion, as it’s the ultimate versatile item you should have in your wardrobe. this is composed of high-quality material because their fabric is thinner and more breathable. When this t-shirt clings close to you, you are not suffocating anymore. 

This purple colour t-shirt will make your turn seem a bit bulkier. It looks great with all skin tones and body types. Tucking in your T-shirt is a personal preference and is rocked by men of all ages. You can button it up or wear it on a short-sleeved shirt for a new look. No matter what the season is, a combination of bright colour jeans and t t-shirt is an iconic classical and time-tested look. 

3- Jeans in Denim

A timeless outfit is a pair of denim pants and a white T-shirt. Anyone’s wardrobe should include a classic white shirt and jeans because they are simple to dress up and quietly stylish. In the summer, a white top can keep this place cool and make it appear lovely in the sun. It’s the ensemble that always looks fantastic and perfect. These jeans can create a nice clean contrast with black ripped and rugged jeans. You can try throwing in this pair of jeans that match the colour of your denim jacket. These jeans are composed of 97% cotton, and 3% elastane material and are easy to fit.

4- V-Neck Slim T-Shirt

V-shaped slim t-shirts that droop below the collarbone are known as V-necks. These t-shirts are great for emphasizing your physique, making broad shoulders appear more proportionate, and allowing you to breathe easily. Similar to how a traditional T-shirt should fit, a V-neck should also be made of a high-quality T-shirt. V-necks, on the other hand, could feel as though they fit differently because they don’t reach your neck. Because of this, it’s crucial to ensure that your V-neck fits comfortably over your shoulders. Never let the neckline fall below your armpits. V-necks are more concealable than traditional T-shirts, which is why many guys prefer to use them as undergarments.

5- Polo Shirt in Jacquard

Golfers began wearing polo T-shirts, to give them a more polished appearance while playing, which helped make them renowned. Polo shirts are popular among tennis players as well. Because of the high-quality fabric’s ability to wick away perspiration while still keeping a classy look. 

Today, everyone wears a polo as a more “formal” T-shirt, and many prefer to wear a thin-fabric T-shirt underneath. This makes their polo to keep it dry. The most stylish method to do this is typically to wear complementary hues or a deep V-neck that won’t be seen. You can trend in your favourite colour and size of polo T-shirts. 

6- 2 Zip Hoodie

Do you want a hoodie for sports? Then try 2 zip hoodie as its thermal-quality construction provides a warm effect. The moisture-wicking technology removes sweat from your body. This hood has a classical hood with an adjustable drawcords. For storage, there is a kangaroo pocket given on the left. A zip pocket is attached on the right side for storage. The camouflage print overall of the shirt makes it eye-catching. This shirt has logo details which add a classical finish to your shirt.

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