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The 7 Best Mascaras and Eye Liners that you can Shop at Carrefour Kuwait

10 of the Best Mascaras and Eyeliners to Create Stunning Eye Makeup (2020).  Plus Easy Eye Makeup Tips to Get Results Minus the Fuss

Are you looking for a perfect mascara and eye liner for yourself? Do not worry, here is the solution. We are going to mention in this article some of the best mascaras and eye liners in Kuwait. You can buy any of these items from Carrefour online store. Carrefour is a multinational chain of stores that retails a diverse variety of products. You can also get amazing discount on your purchase by using Carrefour discount code.  

Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara – Black

Stop using false lashes and try this amazing mascara by Max Factor which gives a perfect false lashes effect. The False Lash Mascara doubles the thickness of your eyelashes. Its unique liquid formula enhances the volume of your lashes and the bold brush is designed to coat every single lash. 


This is the first curved-brush mascara by Maybelline New York. It’s designed to give your lashes extra volume. It’s black in color and enhances the beauty of your eyes. You can order this mascara online and can also get amazing discount by using Carrefour discount code.


This amazing mascara by L’oreal contains volumizing fibers. The masacra is formulated to give your lashes extra length and volume. This is two-step mascara and it contains double brush. So, you do not need to use extensions or false lashes, just go and order this incredible mascara online. Don’t forget to use Carrefour discount code at checkout if you want to get discount.

Max Factor Colour X-Pert Waterproof Eyeliner – 04 Turquoise, 1.7 ml

This waterproof eyeliner by Max Factor gives you a bold and intense look. It has a unique paddle shape tip from which you can create both: a dramatic thick line or a delicate thin line, it depends on you which kind of look you want to create. The color of this eyeliner is turquoise and the quantity is 1.7 ml.


This pencil kajal by Maybelline is black in color. It has a glossy finish and it gives full coverage. This smudge-free and waterproof kajal makes your eyes dramatically bold. The kajal glides on easily. You can create a beautiful smoky eye makeup with the help of this kajal. Order it online and get amazing discount by using Carrefour discount code. 


This mascara is designed to add extra shot of volume onto the brush. Its big brush gives extra length to your lashes. Maybelline leather black mascara is formulated to give your eyes boldness and intensity.


This signature eye liner by L’oreal is a long-lasting matte eye liner. The eyeliner is waterproof and the ultra-matte pigmented liquid formula allows you to create your own signature look. The brush of this eyeliner allows you to apply it precisely. You can get this eye liner at an amazing price by using Carrefour dicount code

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