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Three Perfect Gifts for Fashion-Conscious Millennials

When it comes to buying gifts, millennials can be tricky, but if they appreciate fashion, then you’ve got a pretty good starting point. Here are some ideas for your favourite Gen Y fashionistas.

Charm Bracelet

One of the hottest jewellery trends of the last ten years or so is that of the charm bracelet; bracelets which can be customised with small charms which can take the form of anything and everything.

From Christmas trees to cupcakes and flowers to coffee cups, there’s literally a charm for everything, so you can really tailor your gift to the personality of the person that you’re buying for.

Charm bracelets are beautifully simple, with charms easily able to be added and removed.

Another great thing about them is that they give you an easy gift idea for years to come as well because you can simply buy new charms that can be added to the bracelet, which can cost as little as a few pounds, or into the hundreds if you’re feeling particularly generous.

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While Pandora are probably the most famous name in the charm bracelet world, there are loads of other brands out there to check out, with one of our favourites being Thomas Sabo (you can check out some of their gorgeous charms at H. Hogarth jewellers).


While once we wouldn’t have been seen dead in them, sliders have slowly made their way into the mainstream, with various celebrities spotted wearing them in recent years.

There’s been an inexplicable trend for ugly shoes (see the infamous Croc for example!), but today’s sliders have been receiving luxury makeovers from some of the world’s most well-known fashion houses.

Initially popularised by Adidas and commonly worn as ‘shower shoes’, those that are being produced by likes of Gucci and are adorned with all kinds of glam accessories such as feathers and pearls.

All your favourite high-street brands are getting on the bandwagon too, ranging from the simple to those which verge on the ridiculous. Check out the offering from Topshop for an idea of what we mean!

Bum Bag

Carrying on the trend of unlikely trends, 2018 has also seen the surprising return of the bum bag!

While they were once only to be seen strapped to the front of camera-wielding tourists, bum bags are officially back and have been worn by everyone from models on runways to our favourite celebrities such as Rihanna and Kendall Jenner.

It’s part of a larger trend of nineties revival and has been embraced by all the big designers and high street stores.

Whether it’s worn across the body, through the loops on your jeans or the good old fashion way, you’d be surprised at how many millennials are embracing the bum bag, especially for holidays and festivals where they’re an excellent way to keep valuables and money safe and easy to get to.

Check out this roundup from The Pool for some of the best bum bags on the high street at the moment.

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