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Tips for Styling Your Blazers This Spring Season

Blazer is one lovely piece of clothing that has to be in every girl’s wardrobe. It goes well not only as formal attire, but also as a casual outfit. It is perfect for any occasion. To make it go with your personality, all you need to do is to find the correct fabric, color, and perfect fit. All these features together will decide when and how you can wear this blazer and on what occasion.

Blazers are becoming popular amongst everybody now. You can find them on every Vogue Street style gallery or at almost every runaway. It is mainly the versatility of this piece of clothing that makes it so attractive for its designers and wearers too. If you are looking for a blazer for your special occasion, you can check the designs at Memma.com. They have got the BA&SH designer, which has been making many such feminine pieces for almost 15 years now.

To make it a perfect choice, here are some tips for your better styling:

  • You can pair them up with a jean to get that casual look. 
  • For a business casual look, you can pair them with white or dark-colored pants
  • You can choose a checked blazer for a casual trendy look
  •  Choose a linen blazer for a summer outing
  • Nowadays people are seen wearing a light-colored blazer with dark-colored pants which gives it a bold look.
  • To make a more comfortable look for business, you can wear an oversized herringbone jacket with slouchy trousers.
  • You can still wear an overall neutral color clothing to get that perfect look
  • There is a 70’s trend that is still working where you can wear a blazer over that retro-style shirting or a blouse.

The most common thing that you can do is to wear it with matching trousers. This can never go wrong. 

Leo Martinez: Leo is a street style blogger capturing and commenting on the latest fashion trends from around the world. His vibrant photography and keen fashion sense have garnered a strong following.