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4 Common Causes of Frizzy Hair & 5 Ways to Beat It

Causes of Frizzy

What is the one thing that everyone hates? Frizzy hair! It happens to even the best of us, and it’s frustrating when you put in all this hard work with your hair routine only to have it ruined by an uncontrollable frizz. We’ve got good news though – there are ways around frizzy hair if you know what causes them. In this blog post, we will talk about 4 common causes of frizzy hair and 5 ways to beat them. If you’re struggling with too much volume or unmanageable curls, read on for amazing tips!

  1. Humidity – It is one of the most common causes of frizzy hair. If you live in a place with a lot of humidity, then your hair will naturally have more moisture and be softer which makes it easier to become frizzier.
  2. Genetics – The hair you are born with is the hair you will have for life, so if your parents dealt with frizzy hair their whole lives it’s likely your genes also contribute to this.
  3. Alcohol-Based Hair Products – Alcohol is a common ingredient in many hair products, but it’s not good for your hair. It dries out the natural oils and can cause frizziness to occur much more often than before you used these products.
  4. Heat Styling – Too much heat can also dry out your hair and lead to frizziness. While you may not be able to avoid using a blow-dryer or straightener, make sure that when you do use them the temperature is set on low, and try not to use these tools every day.

5 Ways to get rid of frizzy hair:

  1. Hair masks – Apply hair masks once or twice a week to get rid of frizz. You can make your own best hair mask by mixing two egg yolks with one tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil, then applying it thoroughly on the ends and tips where you see most damage for 20 minutes before rinsing off with cold water.
  2. Minimize Mechanical Damage –   One way to decrease frizz is by minimizing the amount of mechanical damage you do to your hair. Do not brush wet hair, avoid heat styling when possible, and use a wide-tooth comb instead of a brush.
  3. Avoid Harsh Shampoo – Avoid using harsh shampoos that strip away too much oil from your scalp or dry out your hair.
  4. Cutting Split Ends – Cutting split ends off is a great way to remove frizzy, damaged pieces of hair that cause the rest of the strand to stick out and look unruly as well.
  5. Avoid Heat Damage – You can avoid heat damage by only using hot tools on dry hair instead of wet locks. This will prevent the heat from absorbing into your hair and making it frizzy.

Frizzy hair can be a major pain, but thankfully we’ve compiled 5 ways to combat frizz so you can maintain your look and feel confident in the process. Whether it’s an air-dry or blowout that leaves your locks looking unruly, these five tips will help you get rid of those pesky flyaways for good!

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