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Simple home remedies to try out for hair fall


Hair fall problems in both men and women have been prevalent for many ages. A few of the many reasons for hair fall include heredity, stress, hormonal imbalance, unhealthy lifestyle, medication, nutritional deficiencies, etc. Although shedding 100 strands per day is considered normal, one must always be cautious if the number increases.

Listed below are a few simple home remedies for preventing hair fall:

  • Diet :

An unhealthy diet can cause many problems to the body including hair fall. Vitamins and proteins are the essentials required for healthy hair. Thus, regulating one’s diet is the most simple remedy for hair fall. Amla (Indian Gooseberry) promotes hair growth by consuming foods like greens, eggs, and dairy products. Adding vitamin and mineral-rich foods also prove very beneficial for healthy hair.

  • Hair Masks :

Hair Masks containing ingredients like aloe vera, vitamin e, and essential oils promote follicle growth. They also repair worn-out and dry hair. Hair masks can be customized accordingly depending on the hair type. They make the hair healthier and silkier. Thus, applying hair masks once or twice a week is recommended.

  • Satin Pillows :

Did you know that 50% of hair fall occur due to friction? Materials like cotton, linen, jute, etc., cause immense friction that leads to breakage. Pillow covers made up of satin are smooth and soft. They do not cause friction, thus preventing hair fall.

  • Hair Care Routine :

Following a proper hair care regimen keeps your hair healthy. It provides the regular nourishment required for the hair. It also effectively reduces damage caused due to heating tools. It includes shampooing, oiling, using good hair care products, etc.

Conclusion :

Apart from these, using wide-tooth combs, minimizing the use of styling tools,

chemical-free products, etc., are also some of the steps involved in reducing hair fall.

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