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5 Trendy Ways of Styling Your Kurti This Winter

The most comfortable ethnic outfit in existence, kurtis are loved by all women due to their contemporary appeal and versatility. The easiest way for ladies to look stylish for all kinds of simple and fancy occasions is to adorn a kurti! There are a plethora of beautiful designs, cosy fabrics, and delightful hues offered in kurtis online which ensures that everyone finds something to their liking.

While this chic ensemble is an absolute must-have in your summertime wardrobe, there is no reason why you should ditch it during the winters. Although it seems futile to wear a kurti underneath the garb of a boring sweater or hoodie during the cold season, with the right hacks you can easily style it with utmost elegance.

Here are 5 trendy ways of styling your kurti this winter:

  1. Wear a cape or a kimono over your kurti

Covering up your long kurti with a chic cape or kimono is not only an effective way to keep warm in the chilly winter weather, but it also looks a lot more glamorous with your outfits than your casual sweater. Layering your kurti with a cape lends you a sophisticated appearance, while adding a kimono grants breathtaking silhouettes that transform you into a spectacular sight!

  1. Pair your kurti with a short jacket and jeans

If you are someone who loves Indo-western outfits, then this style hack is perfect for you! You can wear a short denim coat or a stylish biker jacket over your kurti for a modern and offbeat look. You can complete this get-up by opting for jeans as your bottom wear.

  1. Wear a trench coat over your kurti and belt it up

A long, flowy trench coat is one of the best apparels to pair with your kurti during the winter season! You can adorn a silk kurti with minimal designs and cover up with a heavily embellished trench coat to sport a regal get-up at grand functions like weddings. For a well-assembled attire, buckle up with a statement belt around your waist and slay in style! This hack works equally well on a saree.

  1. Cover it up with an elegant shawl

While hoodies are great for beating the chill at home, a shawl is often a better alternative when you are heading out. Shawls come in an array of resplendent designs that make it ideal to be worn over your statement kurti. If your kurti features intricate work, then layer it up with a plain shawl in subtle shades so as to not divert attention from the design of the kurti. On the other hand, if your kurti has simple designs then you can pick a shawl adorned with eye-catching designs and vibrant colours.

  1. Add a statement scarf

Scarves allow you to accessorise your outfit in an elegant way, while also helping you stay warm and comfortable. Wear a striped or printed scarf over your kurti to ace your winter fashion game!

These are some simple tricks using which you can look effortlessly stylish in a kurti during the winters. You can also incorporate these tips to style a salwar suit.

Leo Martinez: Leo is a street style blogger capturing and commenting on the latest fashion trends from around the world. His vibrant photography and keen fashion sense have garnered a strong following.