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Farah Naz New York’s Conscious Collection

Farah Naz New York Takes The Fashion World by Storm with Eco-Friendly Haute  Couture - Newstrail.com

Fashion designer Farah Naz is a graduate of the Parsons School of Design in New York. FARAH NAZ New York 2018 was founded in 2018 and named after the designer.

February 2019 was a very landmark year for FARAH NAZ New York Conscious Fashion. The first show at New York Fashion Week was held. The new clothing brand received a lot of flattering reviews, with guests sharing their impressions of the clothes on social media. 

You may not know that it takes 7,000 to 9,000 liters of water to produce your favorite pair of jeans! FARAH NAZ: New York’s Sustainable Collection is a new trend, a new generation of clothes for those who care about the planet’s fate. 

FARAH NAZ introduced a unique clothing line, which complies with the principles of low-waste production and uses less water. Producers use no toxic or unnecessary substances or dyes to make waterless jeans. Another environmentally friendly step has been to do away with plastic bags and replace them with fabric bags. So today, it’s time for highly eco-friendly denim!

What is an Eco-Friendly Denim?

Jeans can also be eco-friendly! Saving water with FARAH NAZ New York’s Sustainable Collection eco women jeans is clothing under the banner of waste-free and eco-friendly production. The way we look at the past affects the way we act today. So, we are constantly introducing new solutions, especially eco-friendly ones.

Developers created innovative technology to reduce water consumption in production significantly. So eco-jeans are much better, and we need up to 90% less water to make them! In addition, the production of environmentally friendly jeans wear uses a more concentrated dye, avoiding multiple stains. 

We offer you eco-jeans. It will breathe life into your clothes and give them a more appealing look. Many brands are also making the manufacturing process more eco-friendly.

The main change that has emerged is a new technology for creating rips in jeans. Previously, sandblasting was used to create this effect, where you sprayed sand from a high-pressure gun onto an item of clothing. The silica particles floated in the air, causing workers’ health problems and polluting the environment. In eco jeans, the abrasion effect is achieved with a laser.

Waterless Technology

Jeans are a classic in their own right. But, as we know, masterpieces also evolve, so we are introducing new technology into the production of denim. Throughout the entire process of lightening jeans, water reduction technology is used, and using less water reduces the ratio of other ingredients, resulting in fewer chemicals and toxins.

We actively use new production technologies. When you buy jeans from our line, you’re guaranteed a product made from a mix of organic and recycled cotton, washed with ozone, with laser-applied abrasions. Our jeans are also dyed in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

All of this saves millions of liters of water, eliminates hundreds of thousands of tons of chemicals, reduces energy consumption, and protects the health of our workers. In the future, we plan to go even further and switch production to renewable energy sources, reducing CO2 emissions.

With this new technology, producers made the best jeans half as much water. And that’s just the beginning of the road to sustainability! You can do something for the planet too! We encourage you to wash your recycled jeans less often and always in cold water! Become greener, save water with FARAH NAZ New York’s Sustainable Collection, and take care of the planet! 

Remember, only customer demand and customer interest in the environmental impact of apparel manufacturing can make a difference.

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