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Complete your dressing with a watch

Watches play a major role in showcasing the personality of the wearer. They are not only subjected to a single feature of displaying time but are used for various other purposes. People who believe that watches only tell time have underestimated the worth of a watch. Watches are not as simple as they appear. They have several other features that can be useful in your daily life. Michael Kors watches [นาฬิกา michael kors, which is the term in Thai].

Different types of watches

  • Tactile watches: This type of watches are designed in a way that the user is not even required to look at it to know the time. These watches have two ball-bearing that keeps rotating. Certain watches have a cover that may be removed in order to feel the movement of the watch’s hands. These are primarily used by people lacking eye-sight.
  • Touchscreen watches: Touchscreen watches offer more features that can be navigated easily. You can control the functions of the watch through touch. They are simple and can be used for different purposes.
  • Hybrid watches: Hybrid watches have features of both analog and digital watches. They look like an analog watch with hour, minute and second hands but also have features of a digital watch like notifications, calendar, alarm, etc.

Different styles of watch

  • Casual watches: Casual watches are the most common type of watch. These watches can be used by people who do not expect much from their watches. They are not the most elegant type of watch but are easily affordable.
  • Dress watches: Dress watches are the best type of watches for business places. They have a formal appearance that complements the attire of the wearer. These watches are very slim and generally hidden under the sleeves.
  • Fashion watches: Fashion watches are generally the ones that focus on the brand, aesthetics, and other features of the watch. These watches are used for showcasing the fashion sense of the person.

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