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Forget Coffee: These Crystals Can Help Boost Your Mood and Energy

If you have relied on coffee to keep you alert and awake when you need it for most of your life, it can be hard to accept that it’s not the healthiest option out there. According to numerous studies, three or more cups of coffee in a day might result in insomnia, nervousness, irritability, and even migraines, among other things. While it’s almost impossible to pass up that warm, familiar cup of joe and the buzz you get once the caffeine kicks in, here is something to think about: there are countless other ways to keep your energy levels up throughout the day, sans the negative side effects. One is with the use of crystals.

Yes, crystals. I’m talking about the ones that naturally ward off fatigue and boost your energy to help you get work done without sacrificing a good night’s sleep. And why not? Ancient civilizations have used crystals to get rid of physical, mental, and spiritual blockages by helping your body reconnect to the planet’s healing energy, making you feel more relaxed and energized.

The following are a few healing crystals you might consider getting instead of that same old espresso:

Selenite – a selenite light tower is often used for energy cleansing, meditation, and healing. It is known for promoting a balanced flow of energy throughout the human body so that you feel calm and energized, leading to a clearer mind and better focus on tasks.

Turquoise – turquoise is known as “the master healer” because of its immense healing properties that are believed to be magnified by a hundred in ancient times. Aside from this, it’s also considered a good-luck charm and a stone that helps guide honest communication in relationships.

Rose quartz – known as the crystal of unconditional love, rose quartz helps open and heal your heart from pains of the past. It radiates vibrations of love and compassion and therefore encourages forgiveness and love of oneself.

Quartz crystal – quartz crystal promotes optimal health and healing when it touches your skin. It was often used in ancient civilizations for balancing the body and promoting mental clarity. It also wards off negativity and boosts your energy.

Citrine – citrine is known as the crystal of light and happiness. It emits an unbelievable amount of positive energy that is immensely beneficial with continued exposure to the crystal. It encourages you to stay positive, live in the present, and attract success in your life.

Carnelian – many years ago, carnelian was believed to attract fortune and your deepest desires. It helps get rid of stuck creative energy that is often associated with the feeling of burnout and lack of inspiration. The vibrant orange color also helps promote confidence and stimulate the owner to keep working towards their goals.

Bloodstone – this crystal was believed to help purify the blood. Today, bloodstone is regarded to help keep your blood and energy flowing smoothly for a strong and healthy life force. Its energizing properties are among the best for avoiding and getting rid of lethargy and boosting enthusiasm and drive.

Selenite can help bring clarity and peace to mind and your living space. Check out our selenite light at Earth’s Element and get re-energized.

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