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How Do You Define Business Casual Dress?

Nowadays, a lot of companies have brought in a business casual dress code, and any invitations to any business gatherings usually mean that all guests should indeed wear this kind of apparel.

  • However, the term itself is somewhat obscure, and can frequently lead to some confusion!

Obviously it is distinctly different to business formal, which commonly means a tailored suit and tie, but must not at all be confounded with types of casual wear, like jeans and T-shirts, also.

  • A common method of thought is that someone should be neatly dressed, and slightly professional looking.
  • If you are unsure about any company’s dress code, you should simply ask them so you can be aware of their guidelines.

Fitting and Revealing

For both males and females, the clothing should be a great fit and not too tight or loose, and should not never reveal any cleavage, stomach, lower back, buttocks, or in some cases, even bare ankles.

  • Some basic tailoring may be required to make sure there will be a smooth fit to your business casual clothing, and it will be well worth it to keep you looking professional.

Also, all items of clothing should be ironed and in good condition, which means that fading, holes, or dangling threads, and are a definite no no!

The Lower Parts of the Body

Trousers such as khakis are normally well acceptable, as are any others made from cotton, microfibre, and summer weight wool.

  • Things such as jeans and knits should be put aside for other occasions.

For the ladies out there, all skirts should fall to at least the knee, and should certainly not reveal your thighs whilst sitting down.

Some small slits to assist you while walking comfortably in long skirts are indeed agreeable, but should not reveal the leg.

  • In all cases, undergarments like slips, vests, brassieres, and underwear should never be seen.


When it comes to tops, the likes of good looking button-down cottons and collared Grasshopper business polo shirts are perfectly acceptable for both genders. Items such as T-shirts and clothing with logos are not normally considered suitable for the office. (Only if the shirt has the company name on it, of course!).

Apparel like tank tops and cut-off shirts are to be avoided, and short sleeved shirts are normally for wearing in warm weather or the more casual type of office.

Accessories and Jewellery

Accessories, including sensible jewellery are indeed permissible, and women can definitely wear scarves and downplayed makeup. Even today, a large number of fellows and women still like wearing ties with their business casual attire, as ties can easily be taken off if it seems a little too formal for any occasion

  • Belts, if worn, should be leather, and shoes also, with a lower type of heel for females.

Patterns and prints should be somewhat subdued (if they are worn at all); although some subtle stripes are deemed acceptable, while loud tropical patterns are definitely out.

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