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Shopping is a delight with coupons

Sales and discount coupons make the adrenaline go high in the veins of the true shoppers. They are excited with the news of the sale and more when they are provided with coupons at discounts king the online shopping portal. There are many online shopping portals which provide a consortium of various online stores clubbed together under one umbrella. They provide the discount codes and the shopping codes for various online portals and sometimes many portals have specific gifts through the shopping coupons. These coupons are the best way to check out the visitors visit and the conversion of visit into sales. These data are helpful in formulating the market strategy for the future.

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Types of codes

  • Public code: As the name suggests, these codes can be used by anyone who visits the shopping sites. These codes could work as good strategy to bring new customers to the site and generate more revenue and the clientage to the site. These codes encourage the new customers to use the discount code and make the purchase. These codes are very helpful in understanding the sales pattern of the customers at various occasions.
  • Private codes: These are the codes targeted to the specific customers. Generally, these codes are targeted to the customers who are going to the shopping for the first time and given to them, offering discount on their second sale from the site, thus encouraging the customers to go for the shopping from the same site again. They are also given when certain specific section of the shoppers are to be targeted like teenagers, youngsters ladies and mature women for specific range of products.
  • Restricted codes: These are the codes which are issued to the specific customers as apology or as the gift for being the most valuable customer or any other discipline which the site wants to honor.

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