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Elegant Wedding Rings and Prices- All You Should Know

Choosing a wedding ring is sometimes a challenging task but, we have made it simple task for as you will find all that you want in a ring at reasonable price at our online store. Rings are significance of your love or commitment in the coming union and you need to make the best choice ever that will leave you rocking in it each day for the many years to come.

You will find the wedding rings and prices in our store that best suits your long awaited day. You will be able to choose a design that shows off your personality as well as your style. You can go through what it in our store and select the best one for yourself.

Unique halos

These are wedding rings that have been popular over some time as it has a row of dazzling gems that draws your attention to its beauty on the center of the stone as well as making it look big. It has a diamond accented octagonal frame, which has been encrusted with bezel setting.

Colored accents

These are wedding rings that have colored stones. They have become trendy and they are anticipated to be there in many years to come. Most people prefer these rings and there are those with single colored stone and those with duo colored stone. They may be an emerald or diamond duo as well as pink diamond halo. There exist a two stone ring that has a pop color to give you a stunning look.

This is a design that has antique platinum as well as gold bypass style and pairs cut diamond with square cut emerald. You will definitely fall in love with this design. There is also other design that has been encircled by a double halo of white and pink bead set diamonds. The rare pink diamonds are known to represent love, a true tribute to your life together. It is sold at $12,000 only.

Black diamonds

This is a type of ring that makes you stand out in a crowd. It has an edgier look of the dark stone. These wedding rings are linked with certainty and passion a part from its visual appearance. It also features a geometric design that has princess cut with inverted black diamonds.

It has been enhanced with white and black gradient diamond pave accents. There is also other design that has combination of rose cut at the center of the stone and has pave halo to make it classic. The uses of the black diamond feel it fresh. It is priced at $3180 only.


These are rings that have become popular and it will be favorite to many brides. It has rose and white diamonds or yellow and white. There is also kite shaped halo wedding ring that is much distinctive. It is priced at $3800 only.


Are you looking for an elegant, something out of ordinary or a wedding ring that stands out? Order yours today and we will deliver to you. Wedding rings and prices are provided so that you can compare depending on your budget and taste.

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