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Two Most Creative Ways to Make the Point-of-Purchase Increase Sales

When a client comes to the point of purchase, the focus should be helping him to convert. However, you should ensure that the PoP delivers more that conversion. The point of sale should communicate the unique features of a product and convince the visitor that the journey he has followed after hearing an ad was not in vain. If the buyer can draw greater meaning from the PoP, he will refer others and the business will continue to grow. Here are three main ways to use the PoP to raise your store sales.

Demonstrate the product

While you might have told the client about the product, it pays to demonstrate how it works once again. The demonstration should be a genuine display of the jewelry being used at difference instances. This is the best way to connect the inherent value of the item with reality. The main advantages of demonstrating the product include;

Image result for from a PoP display,

  • They assist shoppers get a comprehensive view of the item
  • The shopper is engaged deeply with the product use
  • It is a last channel to convince the client he has made the right decision
  • The product with demonstration stands taller compared to those without

Ensure the display is more interactive

To get more from a PoP display, you have to make it more engaging. This means the shopper is able to interact with the product by feeling and touching among other senses.

You can unlock some cases for users to see and understand the item they are taking home. In a jewelry store, allowing the user to touch and feel the watch, bracelet, or other item will create strong need to own the piece. If the client is looking or an engagement ring, allowing him/her to get a feel of the precious piece will create an irresistible connection that will guarantee a purchase. Remember that your PoP display will only work well when run together with other marketing tactics.

Leo Martinez: Leo is a street style blogger capturing and commenting on the latest fashion trends from around the world. His vibrant photography and keen fashion sense have garnered a strong following.