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Fashion wears for youth and kids

Youth of every country has similar trend all over the world. They are influenced by their ideals. These ideals could be person from the fields of fashion, entertainment or sports. These ideals or celebrities have their own fan following which could run in millions. The fans always try to copy their ideals and do what they do, dress up in the way as they do. They follow the Celebrity Style in dressing themselves. Their buying habits are highly influenced by the celebrities that they follow.

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Factors which influence the fashion

  • Famous people: The fashion is always influenced by the likes, dislikes and the personal preferences of the famous people. Since they have mass following on a very large number of people and this is the reason why many leading brands of the world have signed the famous people as their brand ambassadors. Thus these fashion brands very correctly use the crest of their popularity to make their store and creation popular among the masses. The youth and their fan following copy their idols or icons immediately.
  • Mass media: The media of the country plays a very important role in the advertisement of the fashion, and making the people aware of the latest trend in fashion going all over the world. Thus by providing the information regarding what is going on in the fashion capitals of the world. They inform the masses and the fashion designers simultaneously. Thus creating new trends and their acceptance among the masses. The people always follow the fashion which is going on in the fashion capital of the world.
  • Foreign policy and the trade laws: The foreign policy of a country plays a very influential role on the fashion world of the country. If the country have good relations with the rest of the world and welcomes the people and the products from all over the world. Then the country will become the replica of the Paris, Zurich and Milan.

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