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USA Sports Uniforms For Our Top Athletes Considered

Before I got completely into my business vocation I was an elite olympic style sports competitor, and even in those days I understood how imperative my games hardware was, even as a runner. There were the shoes, socks, shorts, and pullover – everything made a difference, you’d be astonished. Indeed, even in those days those shoes, shorts, and shirts weren’t made in the USA, however that wouldn’t stop me. Approve along these lines, we should talk, since it appears to me very little has changed from that point forward, and this was 20 years prior.

Recently, there was a piece in the Wall Street Journal on July 20, 2012, which asked; “Does It Make a difference China Made the US Olympic Uniforms,” by John Bussey, which examined the media sensation brouhaha over the not “made in America” debate of the regalia worn at the 2012 London Olympic Games by American competitors. The article expressed; “The fold over regalia has a great deal to do with the US’s full relations with China and a sense the US is losing the race to the Chinese.”

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