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Watches are an important piece of accessory

A watch is a piece of accessory that is worn by a person. A watch is a timepiece that is worn around the wrist. It has a strap that holds the watch in its place. They are also available in form of bracelet. It is used for keeping a record of the time. Use of branded watch [นาฬิกาแบรนด, which is the term in Thai] shows the status of the person wearing it. The type of watch selected shows the taste of the person. A watch is a basic accessory that is owned by almost every person. A variety of watches are available in the market. The primary use of watch is to know time. However, some watches perform certain other functions, as well.

Components of a watch

  • Crown: Crown is the knob that is used for setting and winding the watch. You can change the setting of the time with the help of the crown.
  • Lugs: Lugs are the base through which the straps are attached to the case. They come in various shapes and sizes.
  • Case: A case is a place where the watch mechanism is housed. The case is mostly made of metal, but it may be available in different materials.

Additional functions of a watch

  • AM/PM indicator: An AM/PM indicator is also known as day/night indicator. This indicator helps the wearer to know the exact time of the day.
  • Annual calendar: Some watches also come with the function of a calendar. The calendar displays the day, month, and also shows year. However, the functions are to be adjusted on account of leap year.
  • Depth alarm: Some watches offer the user depth alarm function. The watch makes an alarm sound as soon as the timer reaches the pre-set depth.

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