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How To Prepare For A Surgical Operation?

Undergoing any surgical intervention constitutes an important decision that requires complete information about the operation, adequate preparation for it, and a forecast on the possible repercussions of a personal, family and economical type, throughout the entire srs Thailand period (before, during and after the operation).

The planning of a surgical procedure includes five essential steps:

  • The consultation with the surgeon
  • The preanesthetic consultation
  • Surgery
  • The immediate postoperative
  • The discharge and the plan of care and revisions

Informed Consent

Every patient who decides to undergo surgical treatment must sign a document stating his full name and that of the surgeon, the place where the operation will be performed, the type of intervention proposed and the cause for which it is proposed, as well as a statement in which you acknowledge having understood and accepted the explanations received. Patients must be fully informed in terms they can understand: in case of doubt or insecurity, it is crucial to ask the surgeon.

The Days Before Surgery

Unless the doctor has said otherwise, the days before surgery should not be taken as aspirins, anti-inflammatories or medications that may interfere with coagulation or anesthetics. It is also advisable to restrict alcohol intake and, if smoking is harmful in any situation, it is especially harmful before srs surgery Thailand. Therefore it is convenient to suppress tobacco from a few days before. The surgeon will establish plans regarding any other indication about diet, medications, specific preoperative preparation, etc.

Finally, on the day before surgery, make sure you follow the instructions received: do not drink or eat during the indicated period (usually eight hours before), shower and ensure the cleanliness of the operating area, take the medications that have been prescribed and meet specific recommendations (bowel preparation, shaving, etc.). The day of the operation should go to the hospital with enough time, dressed in comfortable clothes. Do not carry money or valuables as well as avoid metallic objects (chains, bracelets). It is also advisable not to wear makeup or nail polish and inform the doctor or nurse if dentures or other prostheses are used.

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