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Smart Choices for the best Acne Creams Now

Large pores are a very common problem. By knowing a little bit about natural products, it is however quite possible to fight against blackheads and have healthier skin. To fight against this problem, it is enough to follow a few tips from grandmother. In the absence of those of yours, if it does not have a peach complexion, here are ours.

Fight against blackheads, yes, but naturally

In the trade, including in supermarket, the products multiply to fight against blackheads. Most are (very) aggressive, rarely very natural. You are advised to opt for milder methods. At first, you must nevertheless get to know your enemies. With the use of the Acne Cream you can make the fight perfect now.

Black spots

Blackheads appear of course more easily on combination or oily skin, but also on more dehydrated skin, which will secrete sebum in reaction.

How do you recognize black dots?

Blackheads are friends of large pores, natural micro-holes on the surface of the skin. In case of excess sebum, it tends to fill the pores. These sebum plugs are blackheads, which take their name from the color they take in contact with air, by oxidizing. The next step may be the button.

Fight blackheads: gentle methods

Result: the complexion is dull. This sometimes gives a slightly grainy skin, specifically on the chin and nose, which can be improved with a few natural tricks.

Respect your skin

It is probably that sebum is a reaction, so the more you attack the skin, the more it will produce sebum. Very aggressive methods are therefore to be banned. On the contrary, we will opt for soft products, whether purchased or made at home.

In more complicated cases, for the treatment of blackheads, a dermatologist may be able to prescribe a stronger treatment, but do not opt ​​for too aggressive products without notice.

Do not ignore makeup removal

It is the basis in skin hygiene: with pollution, cosmetics and various aggressions, the skin must be carefully removed even if you have not made up.

Black spots

Know your skin.

  • Do you have oily skin? 
  • Combination skin? 
  • Sensitive skin?

Combination to oily skin: we will focus on serums and treatments that tighten pores. You can use astringent products but do not neglect hydration.

Dry skin: unsurprisingly we will use gentle products and moisturize properly

Dehydrated skin: if the skin pulls after the treatments, it will be necessary to forget the mattifying creams and seek to rebalance the skin with a moisturizer without paraffin.

Cleanse and hydrate your skin well

Once you know your skin type well, you have to put a routine in place and the base of the base is cleansing. Rigorous hygiene is necessary if you want to get rid of blackheads and other imperfections.

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