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The Pros And Cons Of An Outdoor Wedding Photo Shoot

One of the most important decisions when planning for your wedding day is deciding where you should hold all of your festivities. Among the many decisions that you need to make is whether you should do an outdoor or indoor photo session. While outdoor wedding photos have been a tradition for many years, a lot of couples are choosing a more modern approach with an indoor photo shoot.

Outdoor photo shoots are still the most popular choice for many couples, but let’s take a look at the pros and cons of an outdoor photo shoot to see if it really is the best choice.

The Pros And Cons Of Outdoor Wedding Photos


More Relaxed And Friendlier Settings-When people go outside, you will notice changes in the way they think and act. They tend to become more relaxed and flexible. Adults and children can do more things and move more freely and everyone seems to be more natural which can lead to better wedding photos.

Excellent Lighting-Natural lighting can deliver much better results than indoor lighting. Unless it’s very sunny or very dark, you will get the best lighting for photoshoot sessions. Ideal lighting can even be obtained during partially cloudy days.

Beautiful Views And Scenery- By holding your wedding photography sessions outside, you can get beautiful, natural backgrounds that can’t be duplicated inside. You can get breath-taking environmental shots for your wedding photos and save costs on interior decorations for indoor photo sessions.

No Space Restrictions-Indoor wedding venues are often limited and restricted in terms of available space. Outdoor photo shoots can give your more flexibility.

You Can Go Anywhere-Newly married couples can hold their photo sessions in places with sentimental value, like the spot they first met. You can have your outdoor wedding photo session just about anywhere you like.

Availability- Availability of indoor venues can be a problem. Sometimes, they can be booked up months or even a year in advance. Most outdoor locations are readily available or require minimal booking time.


Bad Weather-Even the best weather forecast could change and bring bad weather along with it. A very cloudy day could reduce the optimal lighting necessary and rain can cancel your photoshoot session entirely.

Privacy- Outdoor venues are less controlled and a lot less private. They are not sheltered and there is always the chance of interruptions. Loud traffic could make instructions less audible and it will be harder to coordinate everyone.

When you weigh the pros and cons, it looks like outdoor wedding photo shoots are still a good choice for any newly married couple. The choice comes down to personal preference and a good wedding photographer can help you decide.

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